August 05, 2014

A Nautical Rehearsal Dinner!

Some of you may know that back in June I attended my very good friend Will's wedding in Menorca. He was marrying his sweetheart Toby and it was just the best celebration. In fact the whole wedding weekend was incredible, from the moment we touched down in beautiful Menorca to the fun nautical themed rehearsal dinner (that I am sharing today!) to the wedding ceremony so full of love and laughter. It was truly one of the most romantic ceremonies I have ever witnessed and I was so proud to be best girl.

Will and Tobes had planned the nautical themed rehearsal dinner for the evening before the big day and it was such a great chance to meet everyone in such relaxed surroundings. The blue linens really complimented the green fields around the hotel and the blue skies and the stationery suite from Minted was a perfect touch. My favourite detail were the place names designed in the image of Will and Tobes by the gorgeous Brooke Hagel who also flew in from the US for the celebration. She is one talented lady!

I have included a few pictures below (including one of Will and I where I am grinning wildly!) but do pop over to Will's blog Bright Bazaar to see more pictures and the full write up!
Happy Tuesday!

Rachie xo

PS: All photography by Jean Laurent Gaudy - a truly awesome photographer and lovely man!

July 31, 2014

10 and 11 months!

Since I haven't blogged for so flipping long I forgot to post both Annie's ten and eleven month pictures. Fear not though as I still took them and here they are! Annie's personality is developing more and more. She is spirited and knows what she wants and is so funny! She makes me laugh everyday!!

At 10 and 11 months...

  • She now crawls everywhere and is so fast! She is also cruising around the furniture and can stand on her own for a few seconds. 
  • She attended her first wedding of the gorgeous Will and Toby in Menorca and was such a good girl. (Although you did wake up during the end of Uncle Will's speech!!) Oops! 
  • She has seven teeth!
  • She gained her Level 2 certificate in swimming and has progressed to Heigh ho (Level 2) in Monkey Music.
  • She is interested in everything and everyone!! 
  • Her favourite foods are cauliflower cheese, strawberries, blueberries and pesto pasta. 
  • She was christened. She didn't even cry when the vicar pouted the water on her head!


Annie we love you SO much. I cant believe you are almost one!

Rachie xo

July 29, 2014

Back with Living room update!

Okay so I think that's the longest time I have ever been away from blogging so if there is anyone still reading (!) then apologies for that! I'm going to try and blog a little but more regularly from now on!!

Anyway the living room is almost finished (YAY!) and I have a little update for you with a couple of things we have bought recently.

These are the tiles that we are using for the fireplace and they are made in Spain from Alhambra home. I love them as they have a Spanish look but are still contemporary and they make such a statement in the room. The fireplace is the first thing you see when you walk in so we wanted it to have the wow factor.

 I wasn't sure whether we were going to have artwork or a mirror above the fireplace but due to the statement nature of the tiles we finally settled on a mirror. We went with this one from Nordic Home as it was simple but still had some interest with the beading. I was so pleased with how it looks.

Nordic Home
And here's how they look together..I really like it! You can also see a sneak peak of the new built in cupboards and flooring. We're just waiting for the shutters and i'll show the final reveal soon.


What do you think?

Rachie xo

June 16, 2014

Dream house!

I'm not sure if I have shared this before but I am a big fan of Camille Styles - she is based in Austin, Texas and her blog is always full of aspirational recipes, parties and decor so you should definitely have a look if you haven't already. Anyway I stumbled across these pictures of her house and its just so stunning that I couldn't resist posting....

I'm taking alot of inspiration away from the way she uses natural textures to create a homely feel. I also like the use of pattern in that beautiful pouffe and the cushions in the bedroom. And what is there to say about that outdoor space?? I think this gets filed in my Pinterest dream house section! via CamilleStyles via CamilleStyles via CamilleStyles 

What do you think? Are you in agreement? You can see more pictures here.

Love Rachie xo

June 09, 2014

Living Room Update!

Time for a living room update!

We had the green textured wallpaper removed and the walls re plastered whilst we were on holiday and so when we came back the walls were super smooth (pretty much - although the hubs being a perfectionist still re-sanded some parts!)  We also finally removed the plastic fake ceiling rose which has been bugging me for three years (good riddance!)  So now we're at the prepping stage. We have decided to do this ourselves to save a few pennies plus the hubs is a super good painter (its that perfectionist streak again!)

So if you go back to this mood board here we are still on track for the blue colour palate. I think we are going for the one on the right of the picture which is Dulux colour mix liberty blue no 6. Its quite a calming blue with a touch of grey.

A new addition to the moodboard is that we are thinking about using some sort of tiling around the fireplace. (See picture below)  I think the tiles would add a bit of pattern to the room and create a focal point around the fireplace but we are thinking about a darker blue and white tile What do you think?

More soon!

Rachie xo

June 01, 2014

Nine Months Old!

Annie is nine months old ! (Well closer to 10 months actually but I'm so behind in my posting at the moment!) That means she has been out longer than she was in. (She actually arriving at 39 weeks!) I continue to be amazed about how much her little personality shines everyday. She is constantly smiling at everything and everyone and is a cheeky little thing! We love you so much Annie Manny.

This month Annie :

  • Is crawling! She started a few days before she turned nine months (and three days before we went on holiday!) 
  • Speaking of holidays we went on her first trip abroad to Soller in Mallorca with Granny and Grandad. She absolutely loved it and she was so happy every day!
  • Had her first taste of chocolate at Easter and unsurprisingly (like her mummy) loved it!
  • Has three teeth - the two bottom ones and one at the top now and is suffering with teething hence the dribble and runny nose in this picture!
  • Loves to play peekaboo!
  • Can say dada, baba and lots of sounds and squeals.
  • Is obsessed with books especially if they have flaps she can open. 
  • Gained her Level 1 certificate in swimming!

What a busy month!

Rachie xo

PS: Sorry about the bad quality photo but the chair is in the lounge at the moment whilst we are redecorating!!

May 28, 2014

Lovely website - Getting

I'm always on the hunt for lovely gifts and I pride myself on choosing good presents for my friends and family. The hubs always teases me about this as I take so long to choose but I don't like to get it wrong! Anyway the lovely people at Getting Personal emailed me to see if I wanted to review a few items from their website and I jumped at the chance! I adore anything personalised as I think it just adds that finishing touch.

First up I ordered this gorgeous natural coloured cushion which is perfect in my bedroom. (see pics below.) It was much bigger than I expected and great value at £19.99. This would be a great wedding or anniversary gift for a happy couple or perhaps a house warming gift for a couple who have just moved in together! It looks fab in my bedroom.

This personalised Apple crate planter is just perfect for some extra storage in our living room and means that Annie's toys can be easily transported. I love the colour too which is kind of a green/blue. At £33.99 this has multiple uses and would be gorgeous as a little herb garden or a flower garden for little ones...

Finally I opted for one of Annie's favourite things; a personalised book! This one called The little girl who lost her name is just a beautiful read and will be one of our treasured possessions. At £18.99 its slightly pricy but it is great quality and would make a wonderful christening or first birthday gift.


I hope I have inspired you with your gift giving! Do make sure you check out the lovely website Getting Personal. It has some fabulous fathers day gifts too,

Rachie xo

Disclaimer: I was provided the products for free but if I didn't like them I wouldn't blog about them here and this is as ever an honest review.